Walter O. Krawec

University of Connecticut
Storrs CT, USA


Last Update: June 4, 2021

I am an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Connecticut. My primary research interests are in quantum cryptography and quantum information theory. I am very interested in studying the quantum resources required to gain an advantage over a classical protocol in cryptographic applications. My other areas of interest include security, networking, and evolutionary algorithms (especially their use in studying problems in cryptography).

I am always happy to hear from motivated students at all levels looking to get involved in research. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me.

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Submitted (under review)

M. Bae and W.O. Krawec. Source Independent Quantum Walk Random Number Generation. pre-print available online: arXiv:2102.02252

K. Yao, W.O. Krawec., and J. Zhu. Quantum Sampling for Optimistic Finite Key Rates in High Dimensional Quantum Cryptography. pre-print available online: arXiv:2012.04151

W.O Krawec, R. Liss, T. Mor. Security Proof Against Collective Attacks for an Experimentally Feasible Semi-Quantum Key Distribution Protocol. pre-print available online: arXiv:2012.02127

F. Massa, P. Yadav, A. Moqanaki, W. O. Krawec, P. Mateus, N. Paunkovic, A. Souto, and P. Walther. Experimental Quantum Cryptography With Classical Users. pre-print available online: arXiv:1908.01780

Refereed Papers
(sole author unless otherwise indicated)

O. Amer, V. Garg, and W.O. Krawec. An Introduction to Practical Quantum Key Distribution. IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine 36 (3), 30-55. 2021 (PDF)

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Posters and Poster Papers (sole author unless otherwise indicated)

F. Massa, P. Yadav, A. Moqanaki, W. O. Krawec, P. Mateus, N. Paunkovic, A. Souto, P. Walther. Experimental semi-quantum key distribution with classical users QCrypt 2020, Virtual.

Quantum Sampling and Entropic Uncertainty, with Applications QCrypt 2019, Montreal Canada.

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An Algorithm for Evolving Multiple Quantum Operators for Arbitrary Quantum Computational Problems. Proc. GECCO Comp. 2014, pages 59-60.


Semi-Quantum Key Distribution: Protocols, Security Analysis, and New Models. Ph.D. Thesis, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken NJ, May 2015. (PDF | Slides)

Analyzing n-Player Impartial Games. MA Thesis, University at Albany (SUNY), Albany NY, May 2010.


Security in the Semi-Quantum Setting. AMS/MAA Joint Math Meetings, San Antonio TX (2015).

Select Magazine Articles

Evolutionary Robotics (Parts I and II). Circuit Cellar Ink. November-December, 2015

Experiments in Developmental Robotics (Parts I and II). Circuit Cellar Ink. September-October, 2013

Creating an HC11 OS. Dr. Dobbs Journal. December 2008

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Palm Programming: An Introduction. Nuts and Volts Magazine. October 2004

An HC11 File Manager. Circuit Cellar Online. April-May 2001


W.O. Krawec. Simulating Quantum Algorithms with Q-Prog. Available online: PDF

M. Daven and W.O. Krawec. Three-legged Spiders with Even Edge Count are Harmonious

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