Walter O. Krawec


Evolutionary Neural Networks

Download ENN + SRS10 (Source and Windows Binaries): (ZIP) 21MB.
Download SRS10 User Manual: (PDF) 225KB.

Videos of some experiments using the evolving neural network system are available here.

The ZIP file above includes the ENN source and an old version of SRS10. Since its release, SRS10 has been improved upon and it is suggested that you download the latest version of SRS10 here. If you do so however, you must rebuild the ENN source code. However before you can rebuild, you must "patch" it as follows:

  • Download the latest version of SRS10 and unzip.

  • First copy the Sockets.cpp and Sockets.h file from SRS10/wok to ENN/ENN2012/SRS10/wok (replacing the old files).

  • Next, copy the SRS10Client.h file from SRS10/ to ENN/ENN2012/SRS10/ (replacing the old file).

  • Edit main.cpp in ENN/ENN2012 and remove the line that says "s.initWinSock()" in the main() procedure (line 27).
After the above "patch", you should be able to build ENN (use the ENN/ENN2012.sln file with VC++ 2010) and use the latest version of SRS10 (the version included in the ZIP file above will no longer work after the patch).