Walter O. Krawec


(Listed in order of joining my research group, most recent first.)

Ph.D. Students:

Hasan Iqbal: 2018 -
Omar Amer: 2018 - 2022. Now at Future Lab for Applied Research and Engineering, JPMorgan Chase Bank.

MS Students:

Qi Zhang: 2018-2019

Undergraduate Students:
(Note: I am only listing those undergraduates who published a paper with me, worked with me over the summer as an REU student, or wrote an honor's thesis under my guidance.)

Adrian Harkness: 2022-2023
Saachi Mutreja: 2021-2022
Kevin Freyberg: 2020-2023
Julia Guskind: 2019-2023
Keegan Yao: 2019-2021
Calvin Roth: 2019
Alex Masi: 2018-2019
Allison Gagliano: 2018
Sam Markelon: 2017-2019
Omar Amer: 2017-2018
Michael Nelson: 2016-2017
Eric Geiss: 2016-2018

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