Walter O. Krawec

Here you can find software we developed for various projects which were published in journals, conferences, and magazines. Some of it is old.

Last Update: August 17, 2017


Software from Papers

Automatic Generation of Optimal Quantum Key Distribution Protocols: Full source code for our genetic algorithms. Tested on Linux and Mac OS.

A Genetic Algorithm to Analyze the Security of Quantum Cryptographic Protocols: Full source code for our GA to analyze quantum protocols. Includes the ability to write QKD protocols in a (relatively) easy to use language of our design. Tested on Linux.

n-Player Impartial Combinatorial Games with Random Players: Some notes and software we used to analyze the games.

On the Application of Quantum Decision Theory to Artificial Life: This is old work and old software. But it should still work. You may also be interested in my robot simulator: Simple Robot Sim 2010.

On the Emergent Behaviors of a Robot Controlled by a Real-Time Evolving Neural Network: Again, older work, but it should still run.

An Algorithm for Evolving Multiple Quantum Operators for Arbitrary Quantum Computational Problems: Source code.

Simulating Quantum Algorithms with Q-Prog.

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